The solution

What Biden Speech really meant.....

Instead of talking about the problem day in and day out about work on the solution? Whitey ain't helping you do anything as in government. We keep depending on them to save us.

Begin with loving our women of color who are our superheros! Birthing and keeping this nation alive. Meanwhile her partner who impregnated runs off to keep doing masters work. Ever heard  of the big men dingo?

Oh yeah we love us definitely try you but , Black man , you will win. She is the challenge,your yearning for. 

But that testosterone got them all messed up.

It makes them act stupid. Black men are the smartest men on the planet. Have you seen the tombs in Egypt? They still can't figure out how man did that.

Once we know what our identity is which of greatness and wonder, you will know that inferior complex has to do with them. They are dying out. Population control went on effect 2020. They can't have babies and we can. Cause we still fucking and making babies.

When we unite,magic happens. We have been deceived . The melatin which will believe the lie that we need sunscreen to keep us from getting dark is what they continue to research.

One day I looked up melatin and was shocked.

The amount of money used into this pigment is no secret. Plus it is for sale. I dare you to look it up. 

Now, the solution. Where what your ancestors have achieved before you, embrace you color first. Forgive any and everyone who has hurt you and become spiritually connected. Stop believing in the false Jesus that ain't coming to save your ass. 

Women, give the man the responsibility and take a break go on that vacation and come back refreshed.

Men, step up and take responsibility for your actions.

The world society has rewarded you for bad behavior for far too long.

Begin again , know that your skin is valuable, your brain is valuable. And walk in excellence. Invent .invent .and invent something besides a damn baby. Once you begin to cut out or reduce all sugar including carbs from your diet 

Become aware of why you spend money the way you do and come up with a plan collectively as a unit on how you will spend money that comes back to multiplied. Invent . Invent . Invent. Once you have changed your diet and your spending habits learned your past and embraced your true heritage, you can begin to open your mind to the possibly




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Our unity as indigenous people is our survival.
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