Advanced, Compact, and Lethal Robots of 2022: Featuring AI, Soft Gels, and Miniature Electronic Sensors

We are technology beings and it’s time as black people we recognize that and begin disrupting ourselves into newer better producing people. Let’s not get left behind in this new AI age.

We should not fear technology because we are, after all, technological beings who create extensions of ourselves for our own benefit. If you are afraid of technology and refuse to embrace change, those who are excited about technology and willing to use and benefit from it in all aspects of their lives will surpass you in terms of capability, skill, knowledge, and execution. This gap in ability will not be the result of racism, reverse racism, or any other form of discrimination, but rather your mental fragility and unwillingness to embrace change in all areas. Some people may avoid learning about new technologies or refuse to adopt them due to a fear of the unknown or a lack of understanding. This can cause them to fall behind their peers who are more open to embracing technological advancements.

Some people may also fear losing their jobs or skillset to automation and technology, causing them to resist learning or adapting to new technologies. Others may feel overwhelmed by the constant advancement of technology and choose to opt out of participating in certain activities or industries that require a high level of technological proficiency.Some people may also feel that technological advancements are moving too fast and may prefer to stick with traditional methods and ways of doing things, causing them to fall behind. Additionally, some people may not have access to the resources or opportunities needed to learn about and adopt new technologies, which can leave them behind in a rapidly advancing society.

According to author Thomas Friedman, the future of humanity will depend on our ability to adapt to and collaborate with technology, and the key to achieving this goal is continuous learning.

As technology advances, so do we because technology is an external manifestation of our innate abilities. Don't let your fears prevent you from making a contribution to this new world being created right under your nose. This year, robots made significant advancements in terms of intelligence, size, and lethality. These improvements were made possible through the use of advanced artificial intelligence, innovations in soft gels, and the development of smaller electronic sensors. A few notable examples include:

Robots that Are Humanlike 

To try and create smaller robots, researchers this year turned to insects for inspiration, attaching 3D-printed sensors to Madagascar hissing cockroaches in the hopes of locating earthquake survivors. They also developed fully robotic flies capable of detecting gas leaks and artificial lightning bugs that could potentially pollinate farms in space.

Robots Used For Service

As a result of the labor shortages caused by the pandemic, restaurants are turning to robots to perform tasks traditionally carried out by humans, such as flipping fries, serving drinks, and seasoning tortilla chips.

Robots in Medicine 

Thanks to improvements in soft gels and smaller magnets, doctors may soon have access to new robotic assistants that could help them in their work. One example is a snake-like tentacle robot that can slither down a patient's lungs and potentially detect cancer.

The Warehouse Robot

The competition between humans and robots has reached a significant milestone, with companies like Amazon and FedEx employing warehouse robots that have improved vision and the ability to handle objects with a level of dexterity similar to that of humans. This has raised concerns about layoffs as well as potential injuries, as reported by labor and workplace safety advocates. (It's worth noting that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

Drones that Kill 

The conflict in Ukraine has led to an increase in the use of lethal drones. An Israeli company has even developed a racing drone that could be used to kill and potentially employed in urban conflict zones like Israel and Palestine. The use of drones in warfare has sparked outrage among some human rights activists.

If 2022 brought the above advancements, 2023 will see even more.  Are you ready to learn what fits your vision of the future world you want to live in?

This is ShonSpeaks and remember brain health is mental wealth.  




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