Call Me Cafe

Poem About People of Color

Call Me Cafe! 

Call Me Cafe, that’s a little Spanish you see.  

This word in Spanish means brown, like me. 

What shade of cafe might you be?  

Are you fine with your color of brown, like me?

If you are light or dark, 

I got you down, your part of me! 

Call me cafe, or call me get down brown.  

Let's protest our beauty all around town.  

I’m Cafe, 

sweet kool-aid, 

tart lemon aid, 

check out my beautiful brown shade. 

I am a beautiful queen mother, 

soaking up the sun rays!

I love my color brown and cafe!   


Damn, I’m brown, 

not black you see, 

don’t be dumb look at me.

Did I say, I’m the color cafe?   

Call me get down brown or The Cafe  

A woman made God’s way.   

Ashe’ Ashe’

Call Me Cafe,

Make my Day

I want it my way! 

People call us black, 

as beautiful as it seems to be, 

black is not the color of my skin,

I’m cafe, (brown) that’s me! 

Ashe’ Ashe’

Dr. Aleta Jones






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